Saturday, March 10, 2007


I got Revanth’s id from Hemanth in july last year I suppose.I added him…and gave some offliners saying ‘hi’. Even he replied in the form offliners and after that we didn’t get a chance to speak directly online till 2 months I think. In july, I talked to rajashekhar once and he chatted from Revanth’s id.Thats it. After I came back from my Kerala trip, I talked to Revanth for the first time and took the ids of other boys of our class he knows. I added Aditya and Pankaj. Two days after I talked to Revanth, I talked to Aditya. And believe me…Aditya was a surprise package, there was hell a lot of transformation in him. As far as I remember, he was a total reserved candidate in school, scared to talk to the girls even about our totals.

Talking about School feels very nostalgic. In school, it was the ‘GIRLS EMPIRE’ and we didn’t allow any of the boys to enter the first 7 ranks at least. So we always used to communicate totals and give a triumph look that..WE GIRLS ARE THE BEST!!!......hehehehe….Do you people believe, we only used to talk to boys to know their totals and that’s it. And that too…mainly Madhav. Aditya and Revanth were out of question. I and sujala used to talk to Rajashekhar as he was just in our adjacent row….heheheh…chi…I regret every moment of it.

Hmm..ok…so let me come back to the topic….I was shocked at the transformation in Aditya and it was also tough talking to him at first(Now,they people are scared of me J…hehehehe). My God…I was always alert as I had to protect myself from those ‘pulling of legs’…:((…Revanth was as usual….I mean…no change in him from school till now.I used to chat with Revanth almost daily…..and Aditya was busy with his GRE and stuff. Rajasekhar didn’t come online that often. Hemanth actually wanted to come to Hyderabad for Dussehra….so…with that motivation we planned for a meeting on that day….1st oct…But afterwards Hemanth had to drop out due to some reason and we planned to meet without him…The planning committee was ‘I ,Revanth and Aditya’. we planned for weeks for that one meeting…hehehe…the venue was my house and they had to come at 2 in the afternoon. By 1, I and Snithi were ready. I planned to make biriyani and finished putting it in the electric cooker. Before 2, Pooja also came. Lavanya was out of station and Shruthy was scheduled to come.

We kept on waiting…it was 2:30..and these people didn’t turn up still.They didn’t even call. Finally I called up Aditya’s cell and it was Revanth who picked it up….I didn’t know that at first….But was horrified with voice I heard on the phone(Was it really Revanth…I thought).I was walking in and out of the house and seeing down the balcony for them. Finally at 3:15(Indian punctuality)….I spotted Pankaj while I was looking down my balcony. The first thing I noticed in him is his moustache….heheheh….I couldn’t stop laughing. They had some problem with my watchmen….and I signalled my watchmen to send them….then I saw Aditya…again moustache…hehehehe….I just couldn’t control my laughter….I had to compose myself before they came up in the lift…and believe was very tough…hehehehe…Revanth’s voice was not that horrible as it was in the phone. Rajasekhar didn’t change much and even Naren raj didn’t change much.

I introduced them to my father and we settled down in my room…It was the most memorable meeting we have ever had. Full 10 on 10 to that day. And lavanya was so unlucky…she missed it…

First we talked about all our whereabouts and all…and then slowly drifted to various topics in which ‘School’ was the fav topic…Shruthy came after sometime and left early…that is at abt 5:30….before she left, we had a photo session and then settled down in the hall….Revanth’s acting abilities were superb…heheheh…as usual I couldn’t stop laughing….Rajashekharam spoke less….and he spoke a little at the later half of our meeting. Finally a very fruitful meeting which I think nobody of us would ever forget.

Its six months since we have met for the first time and we met another six times. We almost chat daily. In my wildest dreams also, I never thought that we would meet our classmates again…and that too boys…I am glad we met them.

This is how we talked when we started chatting.
revanth reddy (6/5/2006 4:24:46 PM): hey hiiii
revanth reddy (6/5/2006 4:25:00 PM): after a long time .....................
koumudi vogeti (6/5/2006 4:52:18 PM): hi revanth.....
koumudi vogeti (6/5/2006 4:52:25 PM): yeah after a long time...
koumudi vogeti (6/5/2006 4:52:39 PM): i took your email id from pooja....
koumudi vogeti (6/5/2006 4:52:51 PM): and hemanth also told me abt you.....
koumudi vogeti (6/5/2006 4:53:14 PM): it gives us a nice feeling when we meet our old classmates.....
koumudi vogeti (9/14/2006 7:15:07 PM): howz life??

Can you ppl guess the present situation??
koumudi vogeti (3/4/2007 10:36:02 PM): neeku siggu ledu revanth,chi,nuvvu ivvaali treat.
koumudi vogeti (3/4/2007 10:36:06 PM): ivvakapogaa,mammalni immantaavaa…asalu burra undaa neeku.
koumudi vogeti (3/5/2007 11:18:02 PM): enti iccheedi
revanth reddy (3/5/2007 11:19:13 PM): meeru ivvandi taravtha nenu istha
revanth reddy (3/5/2007 11:19:21 PM): amma assha dosha !!!1
koumudi vogeti (3/5/2007 11:19:35 PM): chi.....
koumudi vogeti (3/5/2007 11:19:40 PM): nuvvee ivvaali first

And the saga will continue…………………….

Monday, March 5, 2007

The guy who made me BLUSH!!!!

I had a lot of ‘crush at first sight’ situations….but they were all very trivial and I forgot them after a few moments. But this guy whom I saw in the Mehdipatnam bus stop left a deep impact in my heart. For the first time, I had a huge crush and I blush every time, I remember him or talk about him to anybody. It’s an entirely different feeling which will remain in my heart forever as a sweet memory.

One day, I was sitting in a 216 bus which I boarded in the Lakdikapul bus stop. I was not very interested to go to college that day. So, I was blankly gazing at everything I came across sitting near the window. As Mehdipatnam bus stop came, my eyes got attracted to a guy who was impatiently looking into his watch and our bus. He looked like a thorough professional, dressed in formals and an ID card tag around his neck. At the very first sight of him, my heart skipped a beat.’ He looked so good ‘I thought. He was very fair and had curly hair and a dimple on his chin. ’ So cute!’ I thought. And for the first time, I could not stop staring at him. Like a Karan Johar ’s movie, where the circumstances play the villain, the bus played the villain in my case and moved off hurriedly… hoo…All that day, I kept day dreaming about him. And then, the next day, I totally forgot about him. But, exactly one week after I saw him the first time, I saw him again at the same bus stop and at the same time. I was in the bus again. And again, the bus played the villain. But this time, I could not forget him. And I kept waiting when the next week would come and when I would see that guy again! But devudu naaku chaalaa anyaayam hoo….I didn’t see him for the third time.

I never had any serious crushes in my life till I saw this guy. So, rather than brooding over it that I could not see him again, I transformed it into a sweet memory which will reside in my heart till I die!! :-)