Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The most important and the most difficult weekend of my life till now!!

(Almost 4 months back from now…..suddenly remembered it)
It was one week before I was officially going to complete my training and report at Hyderabad. The study mood has already taken a back seat and everyone had their own plans for the last weekend some of them were going to spend in Bangalore(after which they had report at their base locations).Some of them like me were just sitting day dreaming in the classes. Just the thought of coming back home felt so good.
After a week, there would not be anymore queuing up at the bathroom of the PG , there would not be anymore eating of that oily tasteless breakfast and dinner without a curd , there would not be anymore of spending time alone roaming about the streets of Bangalore with a constant fear of getting lost……
Then came a mail on the eve of Friday(supposedly the most joyful day of the week) which took of the breath of all of us present there.
It said…..that there is going to another re-exam.…..what the hell….how could we get back to the previous syllabus and revise the portions in just 2 damn days…….HEIGHTS OF STUPIDITY…..
Nobody could digest this fact for about an hour……some of them wanted to protest and try to convince the authorities……but all in vain……they had confirmed that come what may…there will be a test and all those who would not clear it are OUT………..wah!!
Now begins the weekend…….
After a lot of convincing from my near and dear…..I finally convinced myself that I indeed had to give up all the excitement that was planned for the weekend and study HARD for the test that is ahead. I cared a damn whether I was IN or OUT…….but just did not want to study that weekend…..that too…..the hell a lot of portion……it was nearly impossible to revise the whole stuff again…..

Morning: I got up early with an intention of settling down to study early……..I went into the bathroom and Volia! NO WATER……..There was no water coming out from the tap.
This fact didn’t disturb me much at that point of the time as I had a HOPE that it will be normal in an hour or soo…I started studying…
It was actually Vinaya chaturthi that day. What a day to start with….huhhhh……All the girls in the PG kept waiting and the water didn’t turn up till 11 . Then I had to pack up and go to my cousin sister’s house atleast to take a damn bath that day( Actually I didn’t go to her place for the pooja as I wanted to study for the test)…..But finally ganapati pappa wanted me there……By the time I went to my sis’s place and a had a bath it was 1 in the afternoon. Almost half a day was over and I had not moved a bit in my preparation for the most important exam I had to take…….ramjaaneeee

After lunch….my sister had some work and the whole family left the house all by myself. Finally, I began my serious preparation and didn’t look up at the watch till 6 in the evening. At that time , my sis called up and asked me to light the diya at the ganesh as they were getting late. Again I looked up at the watch at 8 and this time the doorbell rang. My sis told me that we had to go for dinner to another relatives’ home and by the time we were back..it was past 11.
That’s it of the day………..

I got up early and read for sometime and then I realized that I needed internet for sometime to refer some other material and take some mock tests. I came back to my PG at around 12(God….The clock ticks soooo fast….huhhh) and then had to take a Xerox for some material for a friend of mine who was not well and asked me for a favour. By the time I was done with the Xerox it was already 2:30(delay at the Xerox shop….as usual).So I requested another friend of mine to give off the Xerox .I packed my bags and left for another family friend of ours. I started studying again after 4 in the evening…

I just did not understand whether that preparation was sufficient or not but could not do anything about it. The most hectic weekend of my life which I thought would be the most joyful weekend in Bangalore.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

ALVIDA 2007!!!

We are coming to the fag end of a fantastic year…….may be it is time for us to think about what has happened to us this year….and learn from our experiences…..keeping the process of learning going on……

One of my greatest achievements this year is MY BLOG…. And the inspiration for me to create it is one of my friends(Revanth)….I started it in February .Its only a month away from its birthday…. J .I have already celebrated the first birthday of my cell in november……whenever you get time to party…just do it….because you can never get back these days…make the most out of it…..

But the saddest part of this year is…that many of my friends are not with me….its a great feeling to complete our engg this year……but it feels equally bad to part with some of my best friends who have always been with me through my thick and thin…..not that they wont be there now…but life has to go on….we keep meeting new people and our interests keep transitioning….…..It feels nostalgic when I remember the numerous moments we spent together…..those happy days…..which can never come back….

But I made three great(new) friends this year and I will treasure the moments I spent with them during my training days in Wipro Bangalore.Its a very nostalgic feeling. This year, I also bid bye bye to the traditional class room lectures and entered into an “EMPLOYEE” phase of my life and became a member of the “SALARIED CLASS”. In the second half of the year, every day was a new challenge ahead of me and every day made me learn some of the very important lessons of life. The time I spent in Bangalore(for my training) is really very very valuable I should say. Though I will term it as the most difficult phase of my life till now , I got an opportunity to realize how comfortably I led the previous phase of my life. Got an opportunity to realize the importance of “parents” whom we generally tend to take as very very obvious. Realised the huge amount of role they play in our lives and with this I also realized my responsibility towards them.

Finally, a lovely GOOD BYE to a great , fantastic and a very crucial year of my life- 2007!! (with the HOPE of another fabulous year ahead :-) ).