Monday, October 29, 2018

Mommy Diaries - 9 : My Baby turns 7

This little child , whose birth has been the most prominent experience in my life ever and whose birth I can still remember like it happened just yesterday. Her eyes , that is her first feature that my eyes captured when she came out. She was like a tiny tadpole put onto my breast and wrapped in a white towel.

She is turning Seven. With what I started off , one of the not-so-good phases in my life during her birth , we are far away from it now. I feel blessed. Just to be able to see her grow up like this. And at this juncture , I now want time to stop. Please can time stop , so that my baby stops growing up so quickly ? A day gone will never come back and now is the time that I feel or realise it the most.

Dear Mahati,
You turn Seven today. I want to start off my telling you that I love you more than you love me and this will always be true. You will understand this when you become a mother yourself. You have become such a responsible person. You don’t hurt people intentionally , you are not rude , you are kind of organised ( I love this !! ). Yet you are strong , very strong to the extent that Mamma feels that you are stubborn. You only let people in when you feel the need to. You don’t feel the need to please people like me all the time. You are perfectly okay in your own space and that the most important thing that I am loving about you right now. You were not at all expressive in your initial years but that’s changing rapidly. Thankfully , now you talk to me about your day at school and you definitely let me know when something bothers you.

This year has been so amazing in so many ways. You entered Grade 1 , the first major step towards mainstream school with a school uniform and a schedule in class. You are doing well. Your dear teacher Vicky says that though initially you took your time to warm up to her and to the class in general , you are now very comfortable and convey your needs very clearly to her. I know how much you love your teacher.That’s awesome.

This year , you started off with phonetic sounds and started reading and writing and progressed throughout the year. You can now read little story books and of course you are the Mental Math Queen. I can’t wait for the International in December. Though you have always done very good at UCMAS , you are always scared and not very confident in your performances. We are working on it together , to build your confidence that whether you win or lose doesn’t matter , what matters is that you have fun in the process. You are more worried about winning and we are trying to slow you down to experiencing it and “just be” in the moment. I wrote this paragraph just so that you can read it later in life and look at how beautifully you have progressed ( yes I am damn sure you will ! ). Always remember , winning is never the goal. The goal is to do what you like and enjoy doing it.

Dadda is missing your birthday this year but the good thing is Ammamma , Tata and Vissu Mama are here to celebrate it with you. Madhuri atta sent eight gifts. Seven of them because this is your seventh birthday and the eighth one for entering your eighth year. You lucky chap , for receiving so much love from all quarters. So that’s why we decided and gave away half of the toys that you already have, making space for new ones.

Attaching some prominent pictures , which show you how much you have progressed in writing and expressing !! Happy Birthday to the apple of my eye !!

Her Swimming teacher moved back to Israel and this is what Mahati wrote for her

This picture is particularly close to my heart. I gave you a Rhino key chain which you had it on your school bag but the lost it. And for some known reasons, I was very upset and scold you for not being careful and then that evening , you have me this and hid in your room.

It says , "Mahati Sad , Mamma Mad and It was an Accident"

I am so sorry for not being more patient with you Mahati - From Amma

Love you more,