Sunday, April 1, 2012

Situation Demads!!! :-(

I support Anna Hazare and I guess he will ashamed of me if he listens to this. I joined a car driving school………primarily to get a license and also learn driving. I have been resisting this all through my life till now. But then the dire necessity of a driving license has made me compromise and go to them for help. To be plain, I don’t like giving bribes. Now, if I start elaborating the subject of bribes, then I don’t think this post will ever be enough for what I would want to write.

When I was in my engineering, I wrote the learners license test and failed twice. And finally got it in the third attempt. It was one hell kind of an experience and each time I wrote the exam , it would take 4 to 5 hours in a day , starting from standing in the queue , taking the photograph , waiting to write the test and then for them to give us the result sheet. The computers in that center have such horrible mouse that it would take an hour to move from one question to another. Of course, that may not be an excuse but somehow I used to fail that exam and I don’t know why :-(.

Most importantly, the people in the RTA office are so corrupt that one Anna Hazare is not enough to set right that whole traffic department and system. Even though it was tough, I and my bro went the right way and got the LLR. We could not proceed to the practical test as I always feared that he would wantedly fail me as I won’t give him a bribe. I had a scooty and use it for many years on the roads of Hyderabad, but never had a driving license. I could not do a U-turn with the scooty without putting my leg down and that meant a big FAIL in the practical test, hence no driving license.

But now I need it and I need it for a car and that too in a month’s time which meant I don’t have time for a second chance in the practical test. Hence, I had to go in for a driving school as they had agents who get it done. See how necessity pulls us down to what levels!!