Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are Women really equal to Men?

It was different two to three decades ago. Women were less than Men or to be precise, they were treated that way. They were treated inequally and denied all chances to perform , let alone succeed in it.

Thankfully , things have changed.  It took time , but it changed. Now you can see girls going to school , they performing and later on working and also becoming the CEO’s of companies. Good ! Now a woman is no less than a man. This is the perception with which young girls and boys go ahead. They are correct in schools , colleges and offices. Its right even after you get married. Now , husbands have started contributing at home too and share equal responsibilities. All is fair. What happens once children are born ? Now I realise that women can never be equal to men and vice versa. All the thought processes and conditioning of equality  go for a toss. Because , now you become a mother and a father respectively. For a child , a father is never equal to a mother. God has designed it that way. The woman gets pregnant  and almost gives her life to give birth to the child. And after that , mother is the whole and sole in the world for the child in the initial stages at least.  

Now-a-days , independence is the key to happiness for the young generation. You are a free being and you can do whatever you want. People talk about “having space” in their relationships and how it plays a key role in making them happy.

For a mother , there is no independence after a child is born, at least in the initial years of their development. The poor little thing is so much dependent on the mother for everything. Many people talk about its advantages of how blessed a mother is that she is able to have the child with her all the time whereas the father cannot. Very well said. It’s true. But every coin has two sides. The other side is , the father is free to roam around and do what he likes. His independence is still intact. But the world changes for the mother. The dependency is so much that you can’t even go to the loo peacefully , let alone stepping outside the house. Mothers sacrifice so much more than fathers. I am not doubting the intentions of the men as many men would want to do it equally. But it’s not programmed that way.  Under these circumstances , we realise that women can never be equal to men.   It’s difficult for today’s generation of girls to accept this and live with it.  People never talk about this side of the story and infact many people reading this post of mine would definitely be thinking odd about me for elevating this feeling and how bad it is to think that way.

It is not bad to think this way. It is very very human for young mothers of today’s generation to feel this inequality and be unhappy with it.  We are indeed not age old pativratas who think that their only place is at a man’s feet to serve him and raise children for him. No.  Earlier , women would not have had to deal with these kind of feelings as they were programmed to be less than men and their only job is to be at home and serve the men. May be it was a lot easier for women in those ages to accept the fact that they have a much bigger role to play after children are born. So they never complained. But times have changed. And with the changing times and conditioning of equality between men and women , it is bound to get ugly after having children. Hence , with proper support from your partner and family , there is every need to eradicate this feeling to move on in life.