Friday, March 7, 2008

Sphoorti-A Way of living!!

Recently I visited a home for the orphan kids…Sphoorti foundation.It was really the most thought provoking and joyful day of my life.

I joined a community called Santhwana in orkut and through this found out that there is an organization which takes up the responsibility of the abandoned kids.When asked whom should we give more importance for the development of the country , I would definitely say that the concentration should be on children because they are the future of our country. Every child is special and has the full right of studying and going to greater heights in their lives. What an opportunity it would be to help an organization that takes up the responsibility of abandoned and orphan kids like a mother.

Initially I was hesitant about how to approach the organization without knowing anybody there and all that.But better late than never , Santhwana had organized a meal for those kids and spending half a day with them.And believe me , the response from the kids was amazing.Though they don’t know you, they coming running to you and welcome you into their small world with utmost love. How haeartless are those parents who did not care to think a moment before leaving their children!! And that too, these lovely kids who are the fresh buds ready to blossom. What a blessing it would be to be a part of such and organization and help small children.

Here is an introduction of the organization
SPHOORTI is a simple grassroots organization working for underprivileged children - homeless, orphaned, abandoned and other at-risk groups.
Children at SPHOORTI are in our complete care and custody and we are committed to impacting their lives 24x7, 365 days a year.
SPHOORTI was established in Aug 2006 with 3 children. We are currently supporting 45 children at our Home in Hyderabad and in addition, we sponsor education of 9 other children.

For more information you can visit its site.
(Its founder is Srivyal Vuyyuri who did his masters in Economics and came back to fulfill his dream) .

The Kids are really lovely.I went with one of my friends on Republic day and took small flags along with me to pin them up on people who are interested.
Jab maine poochaa ki kis kis ko flags chaahiye…..sab doudke chalee aayee meree pas….and the most surprising and the lovliest part was that they systematically stood in a line while I and my friend were pinning them up.After finishing their turn , they are concerned whether their other friends also have them or not.There were many kids coming back to me with some of their other friends who were shy to come to me.Such unity!! I tneee nanhee nanhee bacchon mein who pyaar aur apnaapan deekhke to mujhe to ronaa hi aayaaa……You will have to experience it to feel it.

And by the time it was time for me to leave, there were many of them who said…. “akka appudee velipotunnaavaaa” . What relation do they have with me to persuade me not to leave. Kyaa sahee maayineee mein pyaar yaheen hai??

At that point , I felt that, if I can be of any use to make a life of atleast one among them , that would be enough.This visit to Sphoorti was really an eye opener. Many of them feel that if they donate money , they are DONE with it. But its not done.I agree that yes,without money we can do nothing. But apart from that , there is a lot more that can be done. There is every need to make the depressed feel wanted.There is every need to spend time with them and love them. I am sure they wont disappoint us.