Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sunday Morning – Just before Valentine’s Day !!

I woke up in the morning with a call from Offshore Batch Support guys about a job abend. Saw the time and it was about to be 6. Solved it and suddenly thought NOT to go back to sleep and enjoy these early morning moments. I got out of bed and brushed. Then turned on the TV and the movie “Guddi” was playing :-). Nice movie to start off the day. Old Hindi movies always a pleasure to watch. BTW , one of my all time favourites in old Hindi category is “Parichay”. I just love Jayabhaduri of those days. I made myself some tea as my throat was craving for it :-).

Finished it off and came outside our flat to phone my mom. She would be waiting for it on weekends. The morning chillness turned me really ON. Wow.... what a weather :-) !!! And trees and greenery in San Marino are like awesome. I called my mom and got to know that she is outside. She said she would call me back. So took a little walk and came to the lawn area of our complex and sat down alone.

It suddenly struck to me that this was like a perfect morning. I am enjoying it so much and after sometime felt that I should blog :-).
So went back home and brought my lappy here. I am sitting here in the lawn of San Marino on a Sunday morning blogging !! :-) Wow......this is one of my idealistic and perfect situations in life that I always crave for :-).
And that too , just the before day of Valentine’s Day!!!!

Valentine’s Day is special for me in TWO ways. One because it is the day when people CELEBRATE LOVE and the other is............. this is the day I MET R exactly two years back :-).
I can’t help but feel nostalgic and have butterflies in my tummy when I think of that day :-).

If I just go back the pages of my memory , lemme think what I can remember.
R was travelling back to India and he was to land at Hyd on the 14th. And they had to come and see me on the same day.
I was taking bath and my father shouted that I got a call on my cell and he took it and it was R and wanted to talk to me.
I was really bewildered with his boldness and all that. Because , our marriage was not yet fixed. We just talked over phone in the last one month and now we wanted to see each other in order to make that decision.
So frankly I was a little surprised at his boldness in calling me just before our “Pelli choopulu”. Obviously , our every move was scanned by our respective parents ;-).

Anyways , forget about that. I did not even try calling him back :-). They had to come sometime in the afternoon. You know right... our parents , they had some “Muhurtam” for “Pelli Choopulu” as well. Huhhh!!!!
It’s better to keep mum about it. I got ready and sat in a “Blue” saree as R liked Blue and Black. Obviously I was not allowed to wear a Black , so I wore a Blue one. I was mentally prepared for one particular time and they had actually come in a little early. My mother suddenly came in and said we had to go to the Hall. I was not at all prepared. I was so relaxed inside. Suddenly , my heart began thumping like never before and I felt I will fall down there itself. I was that scared. But didn’t have much of an option so was literally by all means DRAGGED outside by my mother :-). And I guess R saw that as well and smiled at it.

Like a lame lamb , I staggered and went and sat in front of them. There were only 3 people. R , my mom-in-law and R’s Babai. As usual , the first question R’s Babai asked was my name and I repeated it. I saw R and I just could not connect to the person I saw in the photos. He was so different , basically because of his hair cut. His photos at JoBurg were with long hair and he had a haircut just before he came to India. And the rest was like some movie story. We went to my room to chat alone. But then , we could not speak anything. All my cousins started pouring in one by one and got introduced to R. It was frankly pissing off as I wanted sometime alone with him :-). We didn’t speak anything at all. He asked me if it was a Yes from me and I said “Yes” :-). But then , the thing that scared me the most was our marriage date :-(

Wow... I remember so much of what happened two years back. Isn’t it like some movie clipping ;-). Good na. But then , you know what. Before my so called “Pelli Choopulu , I took a promise from my father that he would allow me and R to go out to a restaurant or somewhere to spend some time alone. My father promised that he would convince R’s parents and let us go. But that became a flop show as it was Valentine’s Day and it was not safe to roam around outside as places would be too crowded and stuff. See , some advantages and some disadvantages.

So.... this was my story people!!!! Wow.. I just can’t help blushing at how I blogged this whole thing sitting on a bench in our lawn on a Sunday morning !!!! :-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Expression :

I don’t know what is happening to me. At one point of time , I used to be “the most” expressive of all. And now , I feel that I have lost that character in me :-(. Last week , one of my good friends left SA. We have spent some good times together and I will cherish them. But I was not able to look into her eyes and say that I will miss you. And this week , another good friend is leaving. She told me today that she is gonna miss me. But I just couldnot reply saying “I will miss you too”. Why am I hiding my emotions so badly ?? My college friends used to say that I am the most expressive of all and stuff. Then , what happened to me now ??
The same thing happened when my mom left. She said many times that its gonna be difficult when she goes back and she really missed me badly. But then on the last day , I was not even able to tell my mother “I will miss you”. I avoided eye contact with her.
I was never like this……….. and this behaviour is worrying me :-( !!!!!