Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paradise on earth: Kerala!!

I went for a tour in my 4’1 and it was the most enjoyable experience of my life.Kerala was superb!!

Eureka!! Finally I was able to convince Lavanya to come for the Kerala tour which our classmates have been planning from a long time. Actually ,she didn't have any interest the in the tour we were planning....very usual of lavanya...obviously....hehehe...But after a lot of counseling....sorry not actual counseling..pleading by me...finally..she began to think about it..:-).And my sir Ramcharan..we call him cherrigaadu…also gave us some gyan about how much we can enjoy with our co-classmates and all. Entaina cherrigaadu cherrigaadee..:-)…Madam finally greed.

For the people who are wondering who is this lavanya…she is one of my best friends.We know each other from school.In school, we were just classmates. But in intermediate we became benchmates and we are benchmates even now in engg. Slowly we became best friends…I found a friend for a lifetime.

So,lav agreed and I was the most happiest person. But we missed sravani as she was busy preparing for her TOEFL. I,lav and Sravani are benchmates in engg. Our bench is called as the dhamal bench of our class…because….the other classmates could always see some activity or the other going on in our bench. We three would always be fighting or gossiping or doing some stupid thing or the other throughout the day….anybody who would accidentally catch a glimpse of our bench would have a broad smile on their face.. :-)…and hello this is not self dabba..okay…you can ask anyone in our class and actually there are the ones who told us about they having fun looking at our bench……

The mid term holidays were about to start in the first sem of our final year…..i and lav were excited about our trip which was scheduled after the first week of our mid term holidays…

All through the week…I kept on jumping up and down with excitement and prepared a pakka plan of what I would be wearing on each day of our trip and all…

Finally the ‘D’ day came.I got up with a lot of excitement and as usual I had a lot of last minute packing left out…..My mother was yelling at me…nuvvu eppudu maarutaavoo emooo…okapani kuda sariggaa chesukoovu and she was going on and on and on……manaki konchem siggu takkuva kada….chevulu moosukuni..naa pani nenu chesukunnaanu… :-)

That day was important for two reasons. One because I was going on a tour with my classmates for the first time. And the other, it was teachers day……Immediately I remembered Satyalakshmi teacher and a sense of respect filled my heart and soul….Suddenly,I got an idea, called up our class CR(lass representative) Pragya and planned for a surprise for our HOD.

On the way to the railway station,I stopped at universal beakers(one of the well known beakers in the city) and looked at the variety of already prepared cakes that were available.I love chocolate flavour and my mouth watered as I saw the black forest cake with chocolate chips sprinkled on it…yummy….i asked that fellow to write ‘Happy Teachers day’ in pink, hurriedly paid for it…and started for the secunderabad railway station.

On the way, my mother bored me with the usual dos and donts and how careful I should be and how bad the world outside is…huhhhhh….Finally the station came and my mother stopped.’ Thank God’ I thought.

As usual I was very early and started seeing whether I can see any of my classmates. After sometime, I found Sandhya and stood there chatting with her.After almost 20 minutes,slowly,all of my classmates started popping into the first platform where our train was scheduled to come. I saw lavanya at some distance and gave a broad smile.I said hello to aunty. Suddenly,I saw my HOD with his ‘action shoes’…heheheheh…and two boys beside him. Before I could guess who they were,lav told me that HOD has come with his family.

In the meantime, our mothers started worrying about how we would manage ourselves and how our HOD would manage 30 young girls throughout the trip…’mareee memu paalu taagee pasipaapalamu,maaku emi raadu’..I frowned.

My mother was seriously thinking about going to the HOD and telling him…’babu,maa pillalu jaagrarta’.I stopped her with great difficulty. ’chi naa batuku’…….

The train whistled into the station and all the mothers were whispering the dos and donts for the last time to their daughters. We settled in our seats and said goodbye to our mothers.

I and lav got the side births and it was like a cute little place of our own till the next day afternoon.As we were locking our baggages below the birth, a friend of ours, Keerthi came and told me that somebody told her to take care of me through out the trip as she(Keerthi) was boarding the train. Can you ppl guess who it was??No prizes for guessing….It was my mother…huhhhhhh…I felt like yelling at her.Keerhti couldn't stop laughing as she told me this…..and I promised my self to take care of my mother as soon as I came back.

Pragya,signaled for the cake.Our HOD was happy to receive this surprise and we filled the compartment with claps as he cut the cake.After that,I and lav took the responsibility of distributing the cake pieces which everyone savoured….obviously..my fav..blackforest…!!

We chatted for a lot of time and afterwards,I dozed off on the upper birth.I woke up after an hour or so….and found lav playing scrabble with another friend. As I came down,I saw a bored look on her face.She didn’t like the idea of me sleeping happily for an hour, leaving her alone,bored. I cooled her down and we had tea.

‘Tea’,the only common factor between me and lav.We are the total opposites to each other.But,both of us are tea drinkers and we have spent hours together in our canteen with a cup of tea and lots of gossip.

The tea in the train was horrible and we chatted for almost an hour in which,most of the time,we cursed that tea fellow for a horrible tea…yuk!!The rest of the day and night…we played dumb sharads and all sorts of games to kill time.

Monday, February 26, 2007

About me!!

Hello friends......

Welcome to my blog!!
I am a crazy and unpredictable girl.I have lots of hobbies,which I am very proud of!!I love music and dance.I enjoy cooking.I am very passionate about any form of art.I like assessing people according to which zodiac sign they belong to.By the way,i am a geminian!!My favourite subject is psychology and my friends become the victims of all the stupid questions I keep asking....hehehe...poor they.....
I am very much inspired by Mrs Sudha Murthy.I read some of her articles in which she mentions how difficult it was for her to give up her career and become a home maker and support Narayan Murthy all through when Infosys was coming up.
There is lots more to know about me!!Hope you enjoy reading what all I write.

Lots of love,