Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Musings

After a really really long time , I made this for my kiddo. Well , it wasn't out of choice that I actually started it. The husband and the kiddo were struggling for a while trying to make sense of the beads and make a necklace out of it and completely gave up after a while. Then the onus was on the poor mamma to come and help out. So after I had my lunch , I sat down to make a small bracelet for her. And whoa , the rest is history. There was no stopping me for the next one one hour. I was completely engrossed in my own world , counting the beads , making permutations and combinations in my head and creating it all the way. The best one hour that I completely enjoyed.

And the best part was the kiddo exclaiming at my performance with a "mamma , you are so good at this :)". Well yes , I am :). At that moment , I was like a super woman for my daughter who just accomplished the impossible. Its amazing how much inspiration we are to our own kids , overwhelming sometimes and scary at times.

Well the bottom line is , I should be doing this more often.Now with the kiddo being all grown up , I really hope I rediscover my childhood hobbies and relive them.