Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gratitude Journals - 1

Last Saturday , we had to attend a birthday party of one of Mahati's friend from her old school. I was very excited and so was Mahati. But the husband did not want to miss his Tennis Class and so I decided to try and go alone. Boy, the best decision ever :-).

First of all , I am terrible with routes and don't remember them at all. If you take me on a certain route and even though I am concentrating and looking at the directions , if you ask me to come back on the same route , I will not be able to do it. Yes , you heard it right. probably something to do with my brain or probably my Achilles heel. I just cannot comprehend those rights and lefts and copy them. So for a person like me , typing out a location on GPS and actually following it and reaching the location can be one of the superb achievements ever. I achieved this last Saturday , I drove Mahati to the destination safely and successfully. Boy am I glad about this :-).

Secondly , and for a change , going alone was so much fun. I mean , really. Whenever I go with the husband , we generally tend to stay together and keep each other's company even though we venture out to greet others. And this time  because I was alone , I had to find my own company. Though I struggled initially to talk to someone , with Renate's help , I was deep in conversation with 3 others. The topics varied from our children and what schools to send them to ( co-education or girls/boys ) to extra murals , jobs , satisfaction in jobs , women being underpaid despite their capability , feminism , the wife earning more than the man and the implications and how to keep each other happy. You name it and we discussed about it. I almost went to the length of ignoring Mahati so much that I didn't even know when she left her jacket in my lap. Boy , did I enjoy it. And I ended up exchanging phone numbers. It was indeed very nice talking to them and getting to know their views. It was a healthy discussion.

Sometimes , I really wonder. We just have to leave our nest and look out and the opportunities and experiences are endless. I enjoyed the morning so much whereas just the previous day , I was sulking that the husband was not coming and leaving us alone. Why didn't I take these kind of leap-of-faiths before ?

Its like discovering yourself after so many years. You really don't know how much capability you possess unless you try it out first. This is so true with me. I am like the Aanjaneya who never really realises my true potential.

I am so glad that I learnt driving ( even though I drive an automatic now ). I am so glad that God gave us the money to have my own car. I am so glad that I have a proper working human body to go wherever I want ( I recently had a foot fracture and I only realized then how thankful we should be if each and every part in our body is in a working condition ). Thank you God for everything. Thank you for providing a roof on top of us and thank you for all these little things that I experience and that we are able to afford them. A BIG thank you. I feel so blessed.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Of Bunk Beds and prayers !!

Kiddo got her first proper furniture last Friday. We have been postponing buying her a bed of her own for several reasons and finally the day had to come. It was supposed to be delivered on Friday provided there was no rain in Joburg ( there have been surprise showers the whole of the week and it was quite unpredictable ). Taking this as an opportunity , we told her that the bed would arrive provided there was no rain and why don't she pray to God that it doesn't rain. So we find her folding her hands in front of the God and praying quietly that morning. And yes , God did listen to her, so here goes :-). The excitement was unlimited and the faith in God restored.


Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Years of Blogging !!!

Yes , 10 years it has been since I started blogging. I remember very well as how I started my blog. One of my friends had one and that's how I got inspiration to start one. I haven't blogged too often but then whenever I have blogged , I put  my heart and soul into it and that reflects when I read them now.It was my 10 years younger self and I can see the transformation within myself so clearly :-).

Thank you dear bloggie for being my friend for so long. I could reach out to so many unknown people because of this blog and Mahati's birth story and my post on PPD are the special ones.
I will not vouch like some of the people that I am going to blog everyday and then apologize when I don't do so. Blogging is not for others and mostly for keeping  myself happy. My mind will be my own guide.

This probably is the first post in 2017 and that is because I have had a rough start to the year. I had a small accident back in India and had a foot fracture. While I really enjoyed my stay there and met so many people after so long and felt so good , this one last glitch took away all the attention. I came back home through wheelchair and eventually on cast from then on. Never expected it. But then , our body is such an amazing thing no , we take it all for granted up until something happens and its taken away from us. Something as small as missing a single step had landed me with a foot fracture and mind you , I haven't been able to walk normally yet. Funny how everything falls apart when the routine gets broken.

Well , apart from that , Mahati started Grade R this year. Main stream school and one of the milestones for us.The transition has been pretty much smooth because of the fact that she and her best friend are in the same school. And with Mahati , I get reminded of the way she has aged and matured. She was so cooperative at the airport. Apparently , children are not allowed to be seated with the mother when the mother is on the wheelchair. And since I traveled alone this time , Mahati had to walk beside me all the time at Hyderbad airport , Dubai airport and then at Joburg airport. She didn't complain and she was so cooperative that I was really amused at her understanding levels. Proud of you ra kanna. My injury has affected her a bit emotionally. But I guess its good that she gets to know that parents cannot always be on their toes all the time and fully operational. I have to show you guys a picture she drew and it tugged at my heart , this one.

The above scene actually happened and Mahati drew it in her class sometime after that week. The one in red is me with a bandage on my leg resting on the bed. And the three people standing on the side are Mahati , her friend and Ravi. Ravi took them to the swimming pool which is to the farther right in blue colour while I rested at home. This actually happened and I am amazed how well Mahati could express it in drawing.

So , I end with this positive note. Life is not always fair. As they say , when life throws lemons at you , make lemonade out of it :-). And just keep swimming..... :-)
Hurray to the Blog Anniversary. Raising a toast to many more years to come :-).