Monday, February 26, 2007

About me!!

Hello friends......

Welcome to my blog!!
I am a crazy and unpredictable girl.I have lots of hobbies,which I am very proud of!!I love music and dance.I enjoy cooking.I am very passionate about any form of art.I like assessing people according to which zodiac sign they belong to.By the way,i am a geminian!!My favourite subject is psychology and my friends become the victims of all the stupid questions I keep asking....hehehe...poor they.....
I am very much inspired by Mrs Sudha Murthy.I read some of her articles in which she mentions how difficult it was for her to give up her career and become a home maker and support Narayan Murthy all through when Infosys was coming up.
There is lots more to know about me!!Hope you enjoy reading what all I write.

Lots of love,


Life....Just begins here!! said...

Heyyy let me introduse to u all KOu..The queen of creativity and art!!..
A am i n so we do gell a lot!!..

Kou..u r a GREAT GAL..i get stumped at ur skills..they r awesome.. blive me i'l b u greatest fan..n ofcourse kou....i'm so blessed to hv u as my fren....

U rockk!! Koumudi..good luckk vth ur blog!!

Me Inc said...

Wow! We seem to have some similar qualities. Im an Arien btw...simply loved spending time on your blog :)
I should thank Madhuri for introducing me to you!!