Monday, April 21, 2008

Love is Universal!!

Recently , I happened to watch a wonderful movie…. Gamyam…..Though I feel that the director was only 70% percent successful in conveying what the story writer wanted to express , the story, dialogues and what was wanted to be conveyed were simple SUPERB!!

There is particular scene in the movie which I loved and it brought tears into my eyes.
The hero is always at the back of a girl who is a medico and keeps moving in various camps from one place to another providing medical help to the common people.I should say that she works at the grass root level , SERVING people.

The hero is a rich kid who was brought with only the riches in the world and nothing else.
He is always at the back of the girl roaming to whatever place she goes claiming that he loves her very much and he is wanting the same from her.

One day when both of them were walking on the road, a lady comes up to them along with her new born baby thanking the heroine for her medical help during her delivery and asks the hero who was beside her to bless her baby showing lots of love and gratitude towards them. This arrogant guy shoos her off rudely and says that he is sick of such an cheap and a poor environment. For that, the girl asks him only one question.

Heroine( to the hero): Can you really take love if it is given??
Hero : Of course and it is the only reason I am behind you from so many days( wanting your love).
Heroine : That lady tried to give love to you. But you had hurt her feelings by shooing her off rudely. Can you really take love if it is given??
Hero : Don’t be silly. I don’t need that lady’s love. I need your love. That lady does not mean anything to me. I don’t need to show her love.
Heroine : That’s the biggest mistake you are making. Love is universal . How can you love me when you are not able to reciprocate to the love that the lady has expressed??

HOW TRUE!! I was completely bowled over by this. Really , Love is universal. How can you love a particular person when you are not able to love the people around you. Is the love that you show to your family different from the love you show to a neighbor? Though you might not know that person , atleast you could reciprocate wishing her good luck which would have been so good to her .

Who says that movies don’t teach us anything. It is such a powerful medium. As long as we have the right people who could built up such superb movies , there is so much that could be shown on the silver screen which could influence the thought process of thousands of people.

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Revanth Reddy said...

Nice catch Koumudi ... even though i saw the movie i never gave a thought process to that scene ... Good one !!

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