Friday, November 26, 2010

Dedicated to Tejaswee Rao

Her Blog Link :

Its very strange how I got to know about Tejaswee and her life. Last Friday , I was just browsing through random blogs in Google and through somebody else’s blog ( I don’t even remember whom ) , I came to this blog which was kind of unique. I was flattered by the first post “A Letter to the Future”. And then I could not stop myself from reading her entire blog. Little did I expect that she is no more now. It left a deep impact in my heart that day.

Its really true that our life is so uncertain. When we get up in the morning, we don’t even know whether we will come back to the same bed that we got up. This blog of TJ (like her friends call her) left a really deep impact in my heart. And the fact that she is no more and the fact that it all happened in damn 10 to 12 days really startled me. God give strength to her family and friends to cope with the loss.

I spent 2 whole days reading her blog and then further found links to her mother and friends blogs. It was really good reading about all their experiences. TJ was an animal lover and wanted to adopt a child in the future. She spread optimism and laughter wherever she was. Her thoughts are really divine.

I took one resolution that day.......... that I will always continue blogging. In future, even if I am no more, my dear ones can always treasure my blog and my writings............ just the way Tejaswee is still alive because of her blog :-)

Rest in Peace Tejaswee......... I really wish I had known you before. I dedicate this post to you and all your dear ones who are coping with your absence.


Indian Home Maker said...

Thank You Purna.

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

My Pleasure IHM! God give you the strength to deal with this. You have been really brave till now.

Vivek said...

Indeed a very touching letter... TJ never seemed to be 18 year old while I read the letter... May her soul RIP.... My heartfelt condolences to IHM..
Purna, a special thanks to you for making people like me (who don't blog) aware of such a nice person, who though not present physically, still happens to be a real life role model for many.