Sunday, February 6, 2011

Expression :

I don’t know what is happening to me. At one point of time , I used to be “the most” expressive of all. And now , I feel that I have lost that character in me :-(. Last week , one of my good friends left SA. We have spent some good times together and I will cherish them. But I was not able to look into her eyes and say that I will miss you. And this week , another good friend is leaving. She told me today that she is gonna miss me. But I just couldnot reply saying “I will miss you too”. Why am I hiding my emotions so badly ?? My college friends used to say that I am the most expressive of all and stuff. Then , what happened to me now ??
The same thing happened when my mom left. She said many times that its gonna be difficult when she goes back and she really missed me badly. But then on the last day , I was not even able to tell my mother “I will miss you”. I avoided eye contact with her.
I was never like this……….. and this behaviour is worrying me :-( !!!!!


Sneha said...

Hi Purna,

Nothing to worry and anxious about. This happens with me too b'coz we stay away from our parents and do not want them to worry about us. That we are strong and are able to take care of ourselves even away from them. And after sometimes this behavior cements itself into our conscious mind.:)


Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Thanks Sneha.... that was so comforting!!! :)