Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Off goes my job in Wipro!!

But with a very valid and a responsible reason :-). I resigned!

My instant reaction to this:
Tears in my eyes and a very sad and an unhappy feeling. I was in the same company from when I was campus recruited. It’s been four and a half years. Having a job always gave me a kind of confidence that I am worth something in life:-). Years back when I studied in school and college, I never ever though I could get a job. May be I under-estimated myself ;-). But then, being recruited by Wipro was a very nice feeling that I had as it gave me confidence in life. Now losing that suddenly gave a jolt to my self-confidence and everything.

My after thoughts:
Shouldn’t I be ashamed of crying when I had to resign? In fact I should be proud I did it :-). I did it for my child and this act only proves that my child is more important to me than anything else. I was so wrong in thinking that having a job was a measure of my competency. How materialistic was I thinking huhhhh !! In life , being a loving mother is a tougher job than being a good IT professional. My mother is working too but then she could give us the attention that we required at a tender age as her job was not so demanding and had flexible timings. But our jobs now are a way tooo demanding and take away whatever energy we have for the day. I would say that even work from home is a bad option, as you are at home for namesake and always in front of the computer. It takes away so much energy. Overall, I don’t feel that bad:-). My mother told me that this is a golden opportunity that God has given you to concentrate on what you are doing. How true!! :-). She said “Till now, you were a good “working wife”. Now be a good “homemaker” and a “mother”. Be glad that you are getting this opportunity. Not many people have this independence.”

Life teaches us so many lessons as we go up the ladder of age. I am glad I could grab one!


Ravi Teja said...

Loved the final touch and Homemaker line.. Love you Koumu :)

Madhuri Rupaakula said...
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Madhuri Rupaakula said...
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Me Inc said...

I can totally relate to this post. I have always loved to work, have a career and suddenly put an end to it after my daughter was born. Now that she is 3.6yrs now, I started to work again. My mom said the same thing what your mom said and I completely echo those feelings. Not everybody gets a chance to take care of the baby without worrying about so many other things. I have seen many of my friends wanting to stay back at home and couldn't. Again a coincidence! Great to read your posts and great to note the coincidences :)

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Thank you very much !! :) Looking forward on reading ur blogs too :) Shall do it soon.