Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Phones…. Phones and Phones all the way!!!

Well…….. life has changed a lot in the past few years in terms of technology. There used to days when I had a Nokia 1100, a white one and used to be happy messaging and attending calls. I felt that was sufficient. That’s what we use a phone for right? To call people and talk to them. Or at the maximum message them when necessary. If you come in an order ,  we first try to talk to people in person , and if they are not available , would try to reach them through calls and messages. But sadly , now-a- days , it’s the other way around. We first call. It’s so easy right.
These days , a phone is something much  more to people. It has everything………… damn it……… everything…….. You can call , you can message , you can chat , take pics , check internet and the list goes on and on and on…. Phew!!! People can live without their partners for a half day , but without a phone…………… OMG…. No way….. The moment you misplace your phone , your breathing stops. Where is it …. Where is it ?? It has become a mania. People sit together but they don’t talk. They are busy in their own worlds. Their physical proximities and mental proximities are so different. It’s very unfortunate.
God has given us such a precious life. Don’t you think we need to live every moment to the fullest. If you  want to talk , goooooo… meet that friend and talk to her/him. Use your voice , not a mere gadget. Give your 100% to that person without any distractions. Time is precious. So it’s the best gift that you can give to anybody. If you want to play a game , call people , meet people and play with them. Not in your phone. Most of the time I see people coming for dinner in restaurants, but they are busy doing something with their phones. They just don’t respond to each other. Many feel that we socialise much more when we have handy phones where we can check all networking sites anytime .Is this what real socialising means ?
There is no human touch. I am not denying the advantages of having phones. Yes , when you need something , you are at advantage. For example , if you stuck in traffic , you can call and tell your family you will be late. If you need it , it’s always there. But all of us use it a little more often than required….. to the extent that we forget that there is a physical world around us. Priorities are changing because of it and the value of people………. Drecreasing!!
So this is what technology is all about eh ? Nice……. 


sujata dusi said...

Very true...physical proximities have defnitely decreased in this fast moving world. But somehow I feel everything goes in a circle, and we will go back to the days where we have to sell our and property to educate our children, and same with the proximities. Working couples are more preferring joint families, I know it is mostly for getting help when they have children,but it is becoming a boon in a way. Children do get to know their grandparents more.

Madhuri Rupaakula said...

Sadly, that's the truth... Materialistic things are valued more than people these days, but not everybody are like that though.

Sambit Mahapatra said...

Purna, was this message intended for someone special??? ;)

Ravi Teja said...

Good one Kouma... Completely agree with you ;) Nw I have to buy you a smart phone :P

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

@Sambit - hahahahaha may be ;-) But then , it for everybody yaar :D

@Ravi - Thanks :P :P That why I wrote this post :P :P

@Sujatodina - Very true Vodina :)

@Madhuri - Yeah not everybody are like that. But unfortunately I have seen many :-).