Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This part of my life is called “HAPPINESS” :-)

I feel elated and content at the same time. You want to know why…………..its because I just got this in my email box today.

This part of my life is called "HAPPINESS" :-).

It’s the name of the kid that we sponsored education in the last half of the year and his progress card. I got to know about Isha Vidya through a trusted friend who is a volunteer at Isha Foundation and it was in an informal chat with her that I expressed having an idea of sponsoring education for a child. The only thing was that I wanted to personally verify if my money is actually used for the same purposes and also get in touch the child. She told me that sponsoring through Isha Vidya was one of the perfect ways as they write back to you and inform you of the progress and we ourselves can get in touch with the kid. I intend on seeing that this kid completes his secondary education so that he can fend for himself :-).

And how much did I spend ? Rs 10,000 for an year’s scholarship program.

And you can also spend Rs 20,000 for the complete educational support of the child (for one year).
Do you want to do the same?
Details :
You can go through the entire website for more details and I can get you in touch with an Isha Vidya volunteer if required.

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Abi said...

I am so touched and moved indeed. I started sponsoring a child from her 3rd standard. Now she is grown up and in 8th! What a journey it is for her and to me! :)

We are the change in the society. Come, let's make it happen :)