Monday, May 19, 2014

Mommy Diaries - 1

It took me a good 20 mins in the morning today , just to persuade Mahati to get up from her seat and get ready for school. I started off with a lot of determination that no matter what happens , I am not going to shout at her. And I guess it finally worked out in my favour. Phew!!!  And after this episode , I just got drained out completely , mentally and physically. Gosh , it can be so exhausting talking to kids and convincing them on what we want them to do. Because the first word that comes out ouf Mahati’s mouth whenever I ask her to do something is a big “NO”. Then we have to work it out from there. Most of the times , I end up shouting at her , even though that’s not I wanted to do at the first place. Pushing and testing limits , that’s what children do best I guess. And for an organised and not so “change” liking personality like me , its so hard to come to terms with it and start smiling and enjoying life.

Ofcourse I have my own sweet little bliss times with her. Life is bliss when she hugs me, thanks me and smiles at me. Here is a proof of that J

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