Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gratitude Journals - 1

Last Saturday , we had to attend a birthday party of one of Mahati's friend from her old school. I was very excited and so was Mahati. But the husband did not want to miss his Tennis Class and so I decided to try and go alone. Boy, the best decision ever :-).

First of all , I am terrible with routes and don't remember them at all. If you take me on a certain route and even though I am concentrating and looking at the directions , if you ask me to come back on the same route , I will not be able to do it. Yes , you heard it right. probably something to do with my brain or probably my Achilles heel. I just cannot comprehend those rights and lefts and copy them. So for a person like me , typing out a location on GPS and actually following it and reaching the location can be one of the superb achievements ever. I achieved this last Saturday , I drove Mahati to the destination safely and successfully. Boy am I glad about this :-).

Secondly , and for a change , going alone was so much fun. I mean , really. Whenever I go with the husband , we generally tend to stay together and keep each other's company even though we venture out to greet others. And this time  because I was alone , I had to find my own company. Though I struggled initially to talk to someone , with Renate's help , I was deep in conversation with 3 others. The topics varied from our children and what schools to send them to ( co-education or girls/boys ) to extra murals , jobs , satisfaction in jobs , women being underpaid despite their capability , feminism , the wife earning more than the man and the implications and how to keep each other happy. You name it and we discussed about it. I almost went to the length of ignoring Mahati so much that I didn't even know when she left her jacket in my lap. Boy , did I enjoy it. And I ended up exchanging phone numbers. It was indeed very nice talking to them and getting to know their views. It was a healthy discussion.

Sometimes , I really wonder. We just have to leave our nest and look out and the opportunities and experiences are endless. I enjoyed the morning so much whereas just the previous day , I was sulking that the husband was not coming and leaving us alone. Why didn't I take these kind of leap-of-faiths before ?

Its like discovering yourself after so many years. You really don't know how much capability you possess unless you try it out first. This is so true with me. I am like the Aanjaneya who never really realises my true potential.

I am so glad that I learnt driving ( even though I drive an automatic now ). I am so glad that God gave us the money to have my own car. I am so glad that I have a proper working human body to go wherever I want ( I recently had a foot fracture and I only realized then how thankful we should be if each and every part in our body is in a working condition ). Thank you God for everything. Thank you for providing a roof on top of us and thank you for all these little things that I experience and that we are able to afford them. A BIG thank you. I feel so blessed.

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Ravi Teja said...

Boy, am I happy ;)