Sunday, January 25, 2009

Arranged Marriages…….

I have always believed in love after marriage rather than marriage after love!!
I have always belived that , to build a relationship , we need to invest good amount of time and effort !! And things will happen gradually !!

May be that’s one of the reasons why….I chose to go for an arranged marriage……though I would have really liked to marry a person who is one of my good friends. Or rather I would say…..I would have loved to marry a person whom I am comfortable with. But , I did not find a person so close to my heart that I would marry him.. :-)
So , the real reason is , I don’t think I was left with any other option… ;-) Ha Ha

A cute Ad (Tea Ad) comes to my mind when I think of arranged marriages:
A lovely definition and description of an arranged marriage!!

A Daughter-in-law keeps talking to her mother-in-law and father-in-law, while having tea.
Daughetr-in-law: Mummyji , was yours a love marriage or an arranged marriage??
Mother-in-law : Bahuuuuuu , ofcourse Love Marriage !!
Daughter-in-law : Kyaa?? Sacchii??
Mother-in-law: Jub uskii baraat hamaare ghar ke saamne khadi thi , ham logon ne ek doorsee ko dekhaaa…. Aur pehlii nazar mein pyaar hogayaa…..huyee na love marriage !!

And everybody end up laughing!!

Very true!! In all senses , this is what happens in an arranged marriage. The person is a stranger to you , till you get married. And after you are married, he/she becomes your LIFE :-) !! Hain naa interesting?? ;-))

But , on a serious note , arranged marriages are a real gamble yaar!! You will remain completely clueless about the person whom you are going to get married to and the life that is going to exist between the both of them.
From a girls’s perspective , the things that come to our mind , when we opt for an arranged marriage are:
-- How would it feel to marry a person whom we hardly know?
-- How would it feel to realize that rest of our life depends a person whom our parents are gonna get us married to?

The questions seem a little serious eh?? Well they are!!……. But my mother says…that this is a natural feeling that every girl goes through , when she is about to get married…………


Ravi Teja said...

Interesting one :-)

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Thanks Ravi :-)

Mads said...

Good one..
i agree with the real reason :)

im sure this happens to most of the one of the them...hahaha :)

Viswanath said...

really? your mother says that?
my my. she must be one wonderful mother. :)

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

@Mads--> Yes.It indeed does happen to most of US :-)

@Viswanath-->Yup.She is wonderful :D