Monday, January 26, 2009

BLACK – The Colours Of Life!!

It has been exactly one year since my visit to Sphoorti for the first time.
And today is my brother’s birthday too !!
Again , we planned to go to Sphoorti , and excitedly bought many things to give to the children. But things did not happen as decided. I spoke to Srivyal in the morning and was very disappointed to hear that the children went to school and will not be back before 1 PM in the afternoon.

So , I called up Kranthi and she told me another place to visit.
DevNar Blind School , Begumpet !!

Really really glad that we could get an opportunity to go there today. It was again a very very different feeling which can be just experienced and probably cant be expressed in words.

By the time I, my brother and my cousin bother went there , they were preparing for a flag hoisting. The children had just finished their breakfast and were getting ready for the assembly. It was a different kind of an experience meeting those children.

In sphoorti , we saw children who were abandoned by their parents or couldnot be fed by their poor families. But , today , here , we saw , physically challenged children. Even these children stay together in a hostel and study, away from their parents. But the only difference is, they donot not know any other colour except, BLACK !!

Still , there was so much enthusiasm in them. Even though , they were really unfortunate and in pain , they did not complain. They were soo happy together yaar !!

Today , I realized the power of TOUCH !! I was just roaming around talking to all the children to get acquainted to them. I was really touched. I met a small child , who was just passing by me. I just bent down, touched his hand and said “Hello , how are you?? “.
Suddenly, the grip tightened . And he answered enthusiastically , “ Hiiiiii , I am fine “.
And we had a lovely 10 min conversation. By the end of the conversation , he almost embraced me completely and was not ready to go for the assembly.

Mere bahut samjhaanee see , he went back . But he kept coming back again and again to get a feel of me. That I am still there !!

I really don’t have more words to explain further. We HAVE to do something for the abandoned. There is every need to make the depressed feel WANTED.

Next time , if anyone of you happen to visit a children’s home , just give a child a tight hug , and then tell me your after thoughts !!

It would be a pleasure to listen to your experiences!! :-)


Harini Balasubramanian said...

Nice article and truly touching!

Ravi Teja said...

:-) :-)

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Thank you very much!!
The subject itself is very touching.. :-)

Vivek said...

A very nice and divine thought.

Viswanath said...

very touching. :P

bindu said...

A very heart touching narration.. I read almost all your blogs and find them really interesting. Keep up your good work :-)

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

@ Vivek--> Thank you!!

@ Bindu--> Great to hear that you find my posts interesting. Thank you!!

@ Viswanath--> emi raa...aa vikataattahaasamu ??