Wednesday, June 24, 2009

25th June 2009 : Two Years In Wipro!!!!

What a journey it has been :-) !!!!

Two years back…………after we just wrote our engineering exams , I got my joining date at Wipro. Training at Bangalore and Posting at Hyderabad. And I am the only person from my entire batch to have my training at Bangalore. All the others got their training location too, at Hyderabad.

Phew!!!……Bangalore… unknown un-easiness entered my body and mind. Unknown City………new environment……… people…first time out of my house in my entire life…..and CHANGE , the thing I dread the mostttttt……….Hesitation and restlessness filled my mind and soul for the rest of the day. But there was no option , I had to go. June 25th , 2007 was the joining date at the Electronic City.
Technology : SAP……………Now what is this??……I spelt it together “sap”. Haven’t heard of it before. I knew C , C++ , Java , Unix……but what is this “sap” ?? I typed it in Google and waited to see the results. ERP Software I came to know…………software product integrating the best business practices………

Hmmm….I thought…..Hope I will be able to do well!! :-)

My mother came along with me to find a paying guest accommodation and settle me at Bangalore where my cousin sister stays. Koramangala , National Games Village is the place where we saw the first PG and I said yes instantly………….I somehow liked the place immediately… :-). There were two temples nearby , one Panchamukha Aanjaneya and another Prasanna Ganapathi. The temples looked like heaven and I thought of visiting them every Saturday early morning at 6:00 . The early morning chillness and the flower decorated moorti with illuminating oil diyas!! What a sight – Heaven !!

And then the first day at Office with my new “Id Card”……… entirely different feeling….But I was alone…….completely alone………There were soo many people in our “sap” batch who knew each other already………were from the same college and some of them , best friends too. The place looked alien to me and it scared the hell out of me. I felt as if I am the only person for whom , all the others were complete strangers. What a challenge!! I have to get along with this entire set of people alone and who knows….. with whom I might end up being friends by the end of these three months… :-) ( Touchwood I made some wonderful friends, for a lifetime !!)

And on the first day of training , all of us got to know that it is not “sap” but “S.A.P” ( Systems Applications and Products). And we were told that , now as we are gonna be SAP professionals , we should never say “sap” and educate people who say so…..not to say so..

I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with many people or rather got lost in the number of min-groups present……….and hence I became a silent observer for the rest of my training. The only work I had or used to do were , concentrate on the training classes and observe the people around me. During the first month , I used to have my lunch alone most of the times and I hated this part. I sweared to myself that I will never allow this to happen to anybody else for the rest of my life! I will never let anybody feel “lonely” or “alone”.

The three months were a roller coaster ride……….and I still find it hard to recognize the roads of Bangalore. Every weekend , I used to go to one of my family friend’s place( same place)….and every time , I used to get lost somewhere or the other. Roaming around the un-known streets of Bangalore, alone, and interacting with the 11 other new people in my PG were the challenging tasks that I used to perform ;-) heheheheheh . Every girl in my PG had a new story to tell everyday and I kept becoming more and more a listener , which is actually against my nature. I learnt about many things in those few months and I also realized how important my past was and my family is, whom I generally tend to take as very very obvious. Indeed , how lucky was I to have such a strong family structure and people to take care of me.

If the first three months at Bangalore was one kind of learning , the rest of the 1 year 9 months at Hyderabad in my first and only project till now is another huge kind of learning. These 21 months at my project were again a mixed bag of experiences and huge learning. I was amongst very nice and knowledgeable people , from whom I learnt all the nuances of work. I learnt how to talk , how to behave , and even how to draft a simple mail. And I will be grateful to my gurus here who taught me all these. It has been a superb experience and I regret that I will have to leave it :-(.

Well , my husband keeps advising me not to get emotionally attached to the people around me. He says , “get attached to the work and not the people. Otherwise , you will only find it difficult” . But, emotion and people are my strength and motivation and will remain so. May be, I might face difficulties because of this , but this IS my way of life!! :D

Oh yeah , I almost forgot :-) . At the completion of two years at Wipro , I have two major achievements in my kitty. One , my professional work getting appreciated and getting an opportunity to lead a team. And the second , an achievement at my personal front. I married a Wiproite recently……….…nope , its not a love marriage !!

I always believe that things happen with a purpose and a reason. I strongly believe in “Destiny”. And this co-incidence makes my belief even more stronger!!

When I was recruited into Wipro at my campus , I and my best buddy got into different companies and we were very unhappy about this as this would have to separate us geographically and ultimately lose touch with each other. I felt even more stupid as I was alone at Bangalore.

But now I get it ;-). My soul mate was hiding here and I had to find him…..hehehehehe
What say Raviiii ?? ;-))))
With all these wonderful and tough experiences , I am gearing up for another BIG CHANGE, professionally and personally. But this time , I am not alone!! :-)


ramboramji said...


I know that "you" listening to somebody is against your nature.(Cos, you ve never did it :) ) But, even others have to take a revenge on you right?.

You should have volunteered, develop your interests, and drag new acquaintances. But, You always want to ppl speaking Telugu beside you. Then how Blre will be heaven for you haan?

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

I know I know.......I very well know how you and Priya took advantage and made it hell :P :P :P

Mothish Babu said...

Hey Purna... thats was a lively recollection of your experiences. Enjoyed reading it. hope you a share an another one based on SA.