Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rice Plate Phenomenon!!!

We rarely understand the other person’s point of view!!

Some days back , I was just changing the channels jet speed in order to find some interesting stuff to watch at a very late hour of the day. It was a Saturday and as usual I was completely bored and sleep said a no-no…

Something caught my attention… said “Das kahaaniyaan” and atlast I was curious…
It was a movie…..a collection of short stories………each story conveyed a point….some basic “gyaan” of life I thought…..
In this collection was a short story called “Rice Plate” acted by Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah!! Shabana Azmi was an orthodox Brahmin Lady and was traveling from her town to her cousin’s place I guess. In the railway station , he goes to the canteen and buys herself a rice plate.She puts at one of the benchces provided and goes to get herself some water. When she comes back , she finds Naseeruddin Shah , a muslim old man eating the rice plate. She gets furious on seeing him and sits opposite to him. The guy though startled at her behaviour continues eating. She gets really furious and starts eating from the same plate that he is eating. Finally the guy gives up and surrenders the plate to her and leaves. She finishes eating triumphantly and when she is about to leave , she sees another un-touched rice plate in just the adjacent bench. Then she realizes her mistake.

This is what happens to most of us. We tend to look at things from only our perspective.
I don’t blame anybody for this. It is perfectly human :-)
From our eyes , it might look like a square. But the same thing might look like a rectangle to some others!!
But I guess , the only people who stand out , are the ones who understand the other person’s point of view. To be able to put ourselves in the shoes of others and understand their reactions , is what that makes life challenging and meaningful!!

Now………….this, is not as easy as I just wroteeeeeee!!! Heheheheh

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