Friday, January 14, 2011

My Gift to R on this special day - This Post !!!

Jan 14th 2011 : A broad smile on my face. And to know why…. Read on :-)

Its been two years since I and “R” met….. Now “Met” in the sense , we spoke to each other for the first time. He was in JoBurg and I in Hyd in our own worlds , when this day came with a BANG :-).
Today , I am glad it did. But way back in 2009 , I didn’t like it much. My mom told me about R and their family proposal that had come in……. on the 13th of Jan. Please guys……. Make a note….. 13th of Jan. She just told me his name and said that he also worked in Wipro and asked me to search our official internal Finder for him. And I did , and found him. She asked me how he looked and I said….. “Yeah , okay”.

I said this many times to many guys as it was a daily ritual in my home to browse through matrimonies and asking me to search someone in the Wipro Finder. So I didn’t take it seriously. I just said it.
And then…. Came the news…. She told me that they had already matched both our horoscopes and it seems they matched well. And further on that , they spoke to R’s father in the afternoon for the first time and they wanted more photos of me. Now….. my ego came in. How dare someone asks more photos of me ;-) I kind of didn’t like it. But then , my mom said that they were sending them. She just gave me information :-).

And then the D-day. It was Sankranthi and festive time. At around 11 in the morning , we got a call again , from R’s father giving my father R’s number and asking us to talk to him if interested.
Now…. This was a shocker !!!!!!!! And then instantly , I got the next shocker……….. my father called me and said we are talking to him………. NOW !!!! I was left without any preparation……. NUMBBBBB!!!!

My father spoke to him for 5 mins and then gave it to me. The conversation left me even numb and confused.
The first sentence that came out of Ravi was that he already knew about me and that he checked my orkut profile , blog and everything. And he was all praises for me and also told me that his friends in SA also had read my blog and think it was good and all that. My expression was like………….. “Hold on a sec , we are speaking for the first time and you say that you know me already and everything”. I couldn’t take it……….but then I didn’t show it to him :-).
I finally managed to wrap up the conversation and sat down for 1 hour analysing what happened just now and tried sinking it into my brain.

That day , I was completely baffled , but then now , I laugh it out and celebrate it J. Obviously , it gotta be sweet and memorable. Because that day , I hardly knew that I was gonna marry this guy ;-) !!!!!

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G Vishwanath said...

I am sure a subject like this is a great subject to blog on.

I will await more details of how you progressed from this initial phone call to the marriage.

Best wishes.


Will get back to your blog later this weekend.
I just paid a flying visit and read a few of your most recent posts.