Friday, April 1, 2011


I got a forwarded mail from Malar today. Thanks to her , I started my day on a very positive note. The essence of it stirred all emotions in me and I had a new ray of hope that I can write in the same way someday.

Can’t help but put this as a post in my blog :-) !!

The Stranger

She was getting engaged.
And all I could do was stand by and applaud along with all.
I didn’t dare opening my mouth for fearing of saying something stupid , something like “I LOVE YOU”.

I remembered the other day when she had come to me with red eyes. Her “best friend” was going away. It had never mattered to me that her best friend was a guy. But her tears awoke the sin of jealousy in my heart. Fighting it , I had consoled her and given her chocolates to eat. She proceeded to rest her head in the crook of my arm. And promptly fell asleep. I chuckled at her bay-like innocence. But now , as I applauded , I felt something stabbing at my heart.

She was getting married.
I saw her come down the stairs decked out in her bridal finery. Never had I seen her looking this pretty. I saw her taking the seven rounds around the sacred fire with the man I had come to hate , holding his hand.I saw her exchanging garlands with him.

She was a total stranger to me now.

I saw her standing near the car when they both came over to me. I wondered what they wanted. I wondered how to say farewell to the Departed.
Nevertheless , as my daughter and son-in-law touched my feet , I blessed them. She was openly crying , I told her not to worry. That I will always be there.
She responded by hugging me. And I could not stop the tears anymore.

I was MOVED!!!!
Can any one of you not think that the stranger was a lover boy ?? Did anyone expect that the emotions portrayed were of the father’s ?
I re-read everything again and it seems to be a perfect match to a father’s feelings as well. I was just imagining Prakash Raj in Aakaashamantha :-).
Brilliantly Written !! :-)


Bhansu said...

good one.. I finally read all your blogs.. the cooking blog is still to be read though :)

G Vishwanath said...

This is my first visit.

Good story.
I am able to relate to it.
10 years ago my daughter got married and I went through the same feelings.

Keep writing.
Best wishes

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Thanks for taking out the time and visiting my blog GV ! :-)