Monday, January 3, 2011

Bungy Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge , Tsitsikamma , South Africa – World’s Highest !!

And yes , I did it :-). I always wanted to do Sky Diving after seeing some videos of colleagues who did it. But then , I thought Bungy jumping would be a much more tougher task than Sky Diving. I was very inspired to see the video of Booo do this Bungy jumping and when we had planned for this trip , I wanted to do it........ AT ANY COST.

Yes , I was scared and yes there was some inner voice which pulled me back saying.... no need of it. But then , I thought , “If I cannot do it now.... I can NEVER do it. We don’t get these opportunities again and again “. So I thought , I will do it... come what may :-)

Seeing my enthusiasm , R had to agree that he will also try it out. He was not actually so interested in it , but I pushed him saying lets do it.

The day we were about to do the jumping , we drove very quietly to the spot. And I could see that R was very nervous and tried his best not to show it. Surprisingly , I was more confident though I had butterflies in my tummy.

We arrived at the spot and registered ourselves. And then we had a view point where people could see the bungy jumping which was a little far away on the bridge. That sight was breath taking and obviously , our fears doubled. But then , we had already booked it and now backing off means wasting a lot of money. So we didn’t have an option. I kept on counselling my mind that its okay and we can do it. We were a group of around 25 people who were called and made to wear the “belts” kind of things. And then we were off to the bridge walk. We had to walk to the centre of the bridge where we are actually supposed to jump. The bridge walk took away whatever confidence I had till then. It scared the hell out of me and I was left numb by the end of the walk. But , R became more confident after that. My God , I didn’t understand how , but he became the opposite of me and was actually restless to do it first.

Loud music played in order to cheer us and relieve us of the tension and the people who work there , I must really appreciate them for dancing and singing and diverting our attention till the end.

Bro went first and was successful. And then it was me and then was Ravi. I just can’t explain those moments in words. I just prayed to God and tried to be brave and re-iterated to myself that its okay and I will do it. And finally , I did it. And it was the most breath taking experience of my life.

Seeing people who did it in a video or from the far is a completely different experience. And ACTUALLY doing it is a completely different experience. I was a little uncomfortable as I was hanging up-side-down and the only connection was at my toes. The fear that I might fall down any moment was really high. But after everything , I would say that it is a MUST-TO-DO for anybody. AWESOME is the only word I can get out of my mouth after it :-).


Viswanath said...

now, go sky diving :P

shruthy said...

great koumudi..u inspired me now!!

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Go for it then :)