Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011 !!!

It’s finally the end of another year. We are entering a new decade as well as a new year.

Its time to summarise what all happened in 2010 and what would be my resolutions and thoughts for the new year.

Year 2010 :
1. I had celebrated our first anniversary of talking on phone for the first time :-)
2. And then I celebrated our first anniversary of meeting up for the first time :-)
3. And then we finally celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!! :-)
4. Work wise , it was a very tough year. I had lots of challenges. I won some and I lost some. But finally all of them were experiences.
I worked my A** out on Alphanumeric which a superb learning. But then , the biggest Jhatka I got was in the form of my appraisal. I learnt to deal with disappointments and fought against odds for my personal satisfaction. If I saw the best managers in 2009 , I saw the worst lott in 2010. I am glad I did. Though I struggled , it was all a learning.
5. Personally , it was a very good year. Obviously , it was a roller coaster ride but then it was not painful. It was fun :-) !!
6. We saw many many places in SA.
7. I got used to my little home in San Marino so much that I don’t want to leave it now :-(
8. I became quite a good cook with people giving me good feedback on my cooking.
9. I played cricket for the first time in an office tournament.
10. My parents came visiting us and we had great fun. I didn’t except that they would really turn up in SA .
11. I became a proud owner of an IPod Touch :-) - A gift from my brother.
12. I did the World’s highest Bungy Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge at Tsitsikamma on the way to Cape Town.

Resolutions for Year 2011 :
1. I want to become a regular to Gym and concentrate more on health.
2. I want to become a regular to Pranayaamam.
3. Think Positive and Stop Crying for each and everything.
4. Become more independent in all terms. Start doing everything by myself instead of depending on “R” for most of them.
5. Spending some time for myself everyday apart from the normal chores at home and work at Office.
6. Learn more and more about cooking and become a better one.


Viswanath said...

your resolutions seem familiar. :P

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

:-) I was inspired by someone ;-)